Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bleaker Island


Just back from a packed weekend on Bleaker. We were fortunate to get there by 10.30am on Friday so we had a full day to explore. We met Elaine, who manages the letting and works on the farm too. They supply a restaurant in Stanley with lamb and beef. They also make lambs wool rugs. She pointed us in the right direction to see Rockhopper, Gentoos, Magellenic penguins, black necked swans and a sea lion. Well, as most of you know, my sense of direction is hopeless and on our first 2 hour walk we didn't see any wildlife! It was lovely to be out and by the sea though. So after a nice lunch and a rest we set out again. This time Elaine came with us as we were so bad, she'd come after us as we'd already set off in the wrong direction! So we saw Rockhoppers - very funny, they hop up the rocks out of the sea - hence the name. They were much smaller than I'd imagined. I've included a photo of Abi, Marion and the Rockhoppers.

After a restful night we set off to find the sea lion and Gentoos. Once again we had Elaine shouting at us as we were heading in the wrong direction. We made it to Sandy Beach, it's very strange seeing cows on a beach. They eat a cabbage plant apparently. Abi got wet as soon as we arrived having walked for about an hour to get there. She, of course, wanted to go back and get changed but we stayed on the beach for nearly an hour. No penguins or sea lions though. So after a lunch and rest off we went again. We did a pebble/shell collection and as we were doing this we nearly stepped on a seal. I thought it was dead but luckily it wasn't. I've included a photo of the family with it in the background. After taking this photo Marion went back for a cup of coffee and the seal came right up to us and smelt Allen's hand. Me being the brave mummy ran away because I thought it might bite! Abi and Allen were a lot braver. Didn't get a photo as Marion had the camera (not due to me running away like a scaredy cat!).

Popped in to see Elaine and ask what time we were being picked up by the helicopter, thought we may have enough time on Sunday to walk to the Gentoos. She said it was coming at 10.15am so there wouldn't be time to go in the morning. She kindly offered to drive us to them. They were amazing. Nice and clean as they don't live underground like the Magellenics. I've included a photo of them on the beach, they come in with the surf and it's funny to watch.

Had a good night and got picked up and were back home by 11am. A great place to visit, I'm sure we'll go again. Came back with a tacky place mat, I love it and a lambs wool rug as a reminder. Now have to wash all the shells and get the house sorted.

Hope all's well


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Claire said...

We saw Magellenic penguins today too - but in the San Fran Zoo! Also stroked an American Alligator, African Hedgehog (a pale version of ours), a tiny but fully grown owl and several armadilloes! Actually, the girls stroked while I supervised bravely!
Then did Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge and then home via the Richmond opposed to the Bay bridge which is our normal route into SF! Cx