Monday, April 6, 2009

King Penguins - finally!


Went on a helicopter to Volunteer Point today. Now done 3 helicopter trips and I am more used to it. Can't say I like them but I can see why we use them. If we'd driven to Volunteer Point it would have taken 4 hours and we probably would have got bogged in as there's been loads of rain over the last 3 days. Only took 25 mins in the helicopter and got to see some amazing rock rivers and whales in the sea too. As we were coming into land I thought I'd seen 4 people on the beach, but no, they were King Penguins. There are very majestic and don't run away from people, like the gentoos ad magellenics. We managed to go right up to the colony and saw the fat chicks too. Jacob and Abi were more interested in jumping the small rivers until Henry (a neighbour who was on the trip too), pushed him in one and we had to change his trousers. Anyway I have included a couple of photos of the penguins, one of the children and a small groups of Kings and the other of a King emerging from the sea. It came right past us and didn't care at all. The helicopter was an hour late picking us up and we were pretty cold by the time we got back. Hot chocolate later and everyone was fine. Abi slept on the ride back to base, don't know how she does it as it's so noisy you wear ear defenders.

Have also included photos of Jacob and Abi with their egg competition entries. Abi did a garden and Jacob did Spider man in his house. Both their own work. Neither won but were very proud of their eggs. Everyone got a cream egg for entering so they were both happy. Jacob's had disappeared before he got home! Abi only finished hers yesterday.

Grandma leaves Tuesday and the children have 2 weeks off. We're going away with 3 other families for 2 nights. It's just the mums and kids to a fully catered lodge. Looking forward to it.

Congratulations to Anne and Pete on the safe arrival of Victoria on the 2nd April. Looking forward to meeting her in August.

Hope all's well



ceri said...

Love the pictures. Glad you are all doing well and having lots of fun. And to think I was wondering if you'd get bored over there.

carriesweatland said...

Hi Rachael & Family -- How neat to see the King Penguins. Do they smell as bad as the other ones you mentionned? Everyone looks great, too. We're just into T-ball and spring. I need to get Annie involved in more activities like T-ball and more play dates with friends. She's associating herself with Jacob, his friends, his activities and even his pre-school class. It became very apparent the last time I had taken the kids and some friends to the park. Though, she's pretty bold, which is both good and bad. That's really it from here. How is your pre-school teaching going, or are you on holiday right now?
P.S. What is your mailing address?