Saturday, April 11, 2009

Port Howard with 4 Mum's and 8 children!


Well we are now safely back after 2 nights away on the West Island at Port Howard. Marion, me and the children had already stayed at this location but in very different accommodation. This time we were in a warm, clean and fully catered lodge. Twelve of us in total which meant we had the whole place to ourselves as we took all of the rooms. We arrived and , once the rooms were sorted, we went out for a walk and splash in the river. I've included a photo which was pretty typical of the 2 days. All the children really wanted to do was get soaked in the river and if there was any mud, jump in that too. I'm pleased I had waterproof trousers with me. Jacob managed to go through all of his clothes, Abi was more cautious. The food was great as was the company. The kids were generally OK. Jacob is into fighting, which always goes too far so a few time outs were needed. Have included a photo of Abi and Isabelle hiding on one walk and most of the children playing a running, sliding and then piling on top of each other game! We'd got there by helicopter so when it came today to pick us up it was nice to see Allen at the top of the steps. He'd been over in the West for work. We didn't know he'd be on the same helicopter and the kids were very excited to see him - can't talk on the helicopter though as it's so noisy. So it was a successful few days away although I'm knackered as I spent one night in a bed with Jacob and one in with Abi! Looking forward to an early night but I'm not looking forward to going back to cooking again!

Hope all's well


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