Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009


We actually celebrated Easter early when Marion was here by doing a hunt in the garden with 2 of the neighbours as well. First they all made Easter baskets and then Grandma and Daddy hid the eggs. They each had an egg menu to find certain coloured eggs. Everyone had great fun and they wanted to do it all over again once all the eggs were found! We also went up Pleasant Peak with Marion and as we got there we could see the memorial crosses from the car. Abi said that was where Jesus was on the cross, I pointed out that the crosses we a bit small for Jesus so Jacob added that they were for Jesus's small friends! We did walk up to the crosses and I showed the children that the crosses were memorials for soldiers that had died in the conflict. They have obviously been doing the Easter Story at school. Leaving that one up to the teachers as they'll revisit it each year! So no lamb dinner for us tonight, haven't even mentioned the word Easter in our house today! (Except to say happy Easter to Grandma).


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