Sunday, April 19, 2009

Abi's 5th Birthday


Abi was 5 yesterday. She's been so excited about turning 5 and her day was great fun. We started by opening all her presents. We'd laid them out on the table the night before, I've included a photo of her and Jacob at the table around 6.45am! They weren't up any earlier than usual. We then spent the day doing birthday things like finishing the cake, playing with her new things, finishing the pinatas and decorating for the party. At 2pm her party started at the community centre. There's a ball pit there and separate eating area. It was a good party, plenty of games and food. I've added a photo of Abi with her cake. She's wearing a new dress from Auntie Annette. She also wore Grandma's necklace and other Grandma's hair accessories. After the party we had some neighbours come round for champagne and cake as their children were older. So I made 2 cakes and 2 pinatas. The pinatas were a bit strong and it took the mum's to break them open. We videoed the party and all watched it when we got home.

Allen and I then went out, once they were in bed, to celebrate St George's Day - Allen didn't really want to bother but we had a babysitter booked! It was fancy dress, good fun, decent food and too much drinking. Got home after midnight. Allen feeling a bit rough this morning. Off to the Mess for breakfast.

Going into Stanley on Tuesday to celebrate the Queen's birthday at the Governor's house. They all get the day off but school doesn't. The holidays have flown past. Hope everyone had a good Easter.



carriesweatland said...

Happy Birthday Abi! You look like you've grown so much since we've seen you! You've gotten much prettier, too. We were using your car-dvd player this weekend, and the kids asked why we hadn't given it back to you yet. I said because you've moved far away. Then Jake said with some alarm in his voice: "Are we ever going to see them again?" I told them that, yes, we will see you again someday. Anyway, I hope all is well. Happy Birthday again, Abi!

ceri said...

i'll have to book you to cater and plan my birthday for next year. i'll give you my cake request in a few months.

ceri said...

oh . . .and thanks so much for calling on my birthday.

Claire said...

5 is a BIG birthday - Happy Birthday Abi! Megan got there just before her!!! Sounds like the perfect day....

Been enjoying your blog; the FI's seem to be a wonderful place to live. Certainly sounds as though you are all having a lot of fun!!!

Take Care (and keep on blogging!)


Ruth C said...

Happy Birthday to Abi - she looks like she really enjoyed herself. I can't believe how busy you are and what a social life you have. I am having problems sending to your hotmail email address, is it stil in use? All the best and Happy Birthday to Abi. See you in August, Love Ruth