Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Christmas was a great success in the Wilson household. It was very cold in Breckenridge but the skiing went well and Christmas day was full of sledging - see photo and good food. We all ate way too much as usual but enjoyed the day. We took Jacob and Abi out for a short ski on Christmas morning. They also had lessons with Greg and are now both quite good. Abi actually started listening and can turn and stop without too much shouting going on! There was a frost bite warning out most days so we bought everyone face masks and after that we were fine. Glad we can go anytime though as we could just ski for an hour and not worry about it!

Came back down on Saturday and then had a night away for Allen's birthday with Marion kindly looking after the children. Not sure if she'll want to do it again though as Abi told her not to touch her when she was being out to bed and that she didn't like Grandma anyway! She did apologise 5 mins later thankfully. Allen and I had a lovely relaxing time and came back the next morning to cake and presents.

New Year was fun. Mindy and Shawna came round from over the road and we had snacks and puddings plus lots of wine. We played games until about 10pm. Allen and I went to the local pub to see in the New Year. A very strange experience here, no Auld Lang Syne and not much attention paid to when it was New Year. So we had a few drinks and came home at 1am. All the paths here are under about a foot of snow so we had to walk on the road - quite scary so we took a short cut through the local Mosque and ended up having to climb an 8 foot fence! I've got a great bruise on my leg and Allen broke his sporran, yes he was in his kilt.

Thought about going skiing today but due to hangovers that's a no no so it's off to the 50 cent Tuesday cinema after a lunch of soup and stovies courtesy of Marion.

So Happy New Year to you all, hope 2008 brings everyone health and happiness.


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carriesweatland said...

Happy New Year! It seems the snow definetly made it to you....and that the skiing was good. Not much new here, just settling down after the Christmas/New Year excitement. Love, Carrie. p.s. I left a message on your previous blog entry...just something funny.