Monday, January 7, 2008

Denver in January

Been busy with Marion. She leaves on Tuesday so we wanted to make the most of her time here. We all went to the Zoo lights. It was very magical and everyone, even Scrooge Allen, enjoyed it. There is a photo of me and the children standing inside a hippos mouth. The photos didn't do it justice as it was fantastic to see.

We also went to the children's' museum. We have visited here a few times with Carrie when were we just visiting from DC. I bought Carrie a gift certificate last year and she passed it on to me as she thought she'd be moving to Arizona. So I finally got around to redeeming it and luckily it was just in date! So we now have a year's membership. The children had a great time playing on the fire engine, sawing wood (very scary to watch), painting and dancing the afternoon away.

Went to the Denver Art Museum on Saturday, it's free each 1st Saturday of the month. Marion wanted to see a quilt exhibition and we knew there were activities for children. Jacob and Abi made an Egyptian pillow cover out of plastic flowers and angel wings. They then had a great time playing with the dress up things. The photos are of Abi as a hare and Jacob as a hawk.

Marion and I helped our neighbour decorate centre pieces for her daughter's (our babysitter) Batmitzvar. It's coming up in February. These centre pieces are quite extravagant - covered in gold sequins and will look great once they are finished. I think I'll be doing a few over the next couple of weeks - a nice craft project that I will enjoy. We're going to the Batmitzvar which we're really looking forward to. Any suggestions for a present would be helpful as I've never been to one before.

Jacob's got the hospital tomorrow - a routine appointment for his eyes and school starts - hooray!!!! How am I going to manage for 3 months in the summer. Well summer camp to start with and a road trip to DC to visit friends, plus hopefully friends visiting us too!

Hope the New Year is going well for everyone


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carriesweatland said...

Happy New Year! We've been good here, and have gotten lots of rain and some snow. It knocked out phones and internet for two and a half days -- it was only a 1/2 inch. But we did have power. I guess we are out in the middle of no-where and the towers are harder to reach. Jake is back in school, thankfully, and we're getting back into a routine. I'm taking a class, as a part of renewing my teaching certificate. It'll be strange to be a student again. Plus some more substituting, I should stay busy. Not much else for now. Good to hear all is well, My best, Carrie