Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vail and a Rodeo!


Have been away for a week so I missed posting a blog. We went to Vail/Beaver Creek to ski for a long weekend. Allen, me and the children stayed in a 3 bed apartment for 3 nights. Allen's work colleague, Nick, and his wife Amy joined us for Saturday night and then skied with us Sunday. The children did really well and skied for a whole day on the Sunday. I had to carry Abi down the mountain while skiing at the end which was an experience. Jacob came down slowly with Amy and was great.

We met up with Ali - a friend from Portsmouth days - in Vail. She was out with a BT group having won a 5 night stay in Vail. Jeremy, her boyfriend, stayed for 3 nights and then I took over as her guest. Allen took the children home and I had a relaxing 2 nights in a very nice hotel. Went skiing with Ali's group on the Tuesday and had a brilliant time. I do enjoy the children but skiing at my own pace was great. I think I surprised Ali with my speed, especially by my head first dive down the first black we tackled! I was fine as the snow was so soft and perfect. I've included a photo of me and Ali on one of Vail's runs and also Jacob with Penguin Pete. He's doing a project at school about penguins and we had to take Pete somewhere over the weekend.

Ali came back for a night at our house and we indulged in some outlet mall shopping before she left. Luckily her flight wasn't too delayed by the crash at Heathrow.

Abi was sick over the weekend so we had a quiet Saturday. Then Sunday we went off to the Rodeo. Will's mum (Will is in Jacob's class) had got us Rodeo tickets. We saw a Wild West Show. There is a dark photo of a stage coach! Also one of Abi really enjoying it! There were lots of gun shots that had all the children with their fingers in their ears! It was very different and I've never seen anything like it. We will go again next year but will try a different show - perhaps the actual rodeo.

Holding a Burns Supper on Saturday. There will be 27 of us to have a 5 course sit down meal. This will be an experience for me as the most I've cooked for is 6 people before! Hoping it will run itself. Made a Cloutie Dumpling yesterday to practice as lots of the ingredients are different here eg they don't have treacle or suet. It came out very nicely and Allen and I had the dumpling for breakfast this morning.
Hopefully I'll get some good pictures of the night and post them next Sunday.

Parent Conference for Jacob tomorrow, Abi's is next month. Can't remember if I out that Jacob has lost his second tooth, I think I did.

Hope everyone's well



carriesweatland said...

What fun you had! I think we would be good skiers together (sans kids), as I like speed and more difficult trails too. Annie loves the dress from Abi, and yes it is the one she wore to the party. She loves the Tinker Bell equally as much and wears it around the house. Not much new here. Teaching most every Friday, which has been nice. Sometimes all I do is play a video over and over, but that's okay. Little else to report. We are hoping to go to Bryce Canyon in February with another family, as we post-poned our holiday version of that. Hopefully it works out. Also going back to Florida in March with my family, and I'm starting my work-out videos again in preparation. Ugh.

Rachael said...

You look great so you don't need any work out things! I however still need to loose my stone which may occur with me starting at the JCC. Let us know how Bruce Canyon goes. Allen's busy buying walking gear in readiness for a trip away with Brian! I have a big bag of stuff for Annie so hope to perhaps make it out to you late Spring.