Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Abi's 6th Birthday


Abi had a brilliant birthday even though lots of her friends were away as it fell during the Easter holidays. She was up nice and early, unfortunately the clocks change that night and we fell back so she was up at 5am! She loved the present opening, with her DSi being the favourite. Jacob got a bit jealous as he only has a DS - no idea in the difference although Abi's has a camera built in - very impressive! I've included a photo of her in bed with the DSi - nice and pink!

We played with all of the presents until 10am when Katie and Megan, the only 2 girls in her class here, arrived. Allen and Jacob had already left to go to Stanley for swimming in Allen's car. They had to go ahead as Allen's work car has a limiter on it meaning it can only do 40 miles an hour. This is due to the Stanley road being dangerous to drive on so all military vehicles are limited. I drove the girls in our own car. Swimming was fun, the Stanley pool is a leisure pool, unlike the one on base which is a big proper swimming pool. After swimming we went and set up in the town hall for the sale. Jacob and Allen stayed there while I took the girls to Malvinas for lunch. We had a lovely relaxing time, I've included on of the 3 girls and one of Abi with her Tinkerbell birthday balloon. Once lunch was done we went over to the sale. I gave each of them 2 pounds to spend and they had a great time looking round and getting their bargains! Abi came back with a hideous china doll, a book mark, lip gloss and a magic pen.

We delivered our car to the Doctor in Stanley as well so we are now carless. Allen drove us all back. We did cake in the restaurant at lunch time but as Allen and Jacob weren't with us we did it again at tea time so I've included one of Jacob, Abi and the cake.

Due to lots of girls being away Abi is having another celebration, this seems to be a theme with our birthdays. Once all the packing is done we're having a girls tea party, she's picked a castle cake for that one.

So an exciting and busy 6th Birthday is now over!


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