Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010


We did two different things for Easter this year. As the same as last year Jacob and Abi entered a decorate an egg competition at school. This year Jacob chose to do a penguin and Abi a flamingo. They both made houses for their animals and I'm sure they enjoyed decorating the boxes more than sorting the actual egg! Neither of them won but they both got a cream egg for entering so they were happy. I thought they did a brilliant job, I've included a photo of them with their eggs at home.

They other thing we did for Easter was egg rolling in Ascension, there's a photo of them rolling them down the a hill at Comfortless Cove. Jacob was obviously set on destruction and Abi wanted hers to remain in one piece. They both got their wishes. Before they did the egg rolling we'd been on a Hash which I will explain in the next post.


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