Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bridges and Beavers


Abi became a Beaver. This is a bit early due to the fact that Beavers is finishing here at Easter as there is no qualified leader. A shame but Jacob and Abi have really enjoyed it while it has lasted. So Abi is now a proper Beaver for 2 weeks! I am now busy sewing on her badges for the final meeting this coming week. Hoping they can both carry it on wherever we go next. Jacob would be due to go to cubs in Nov when he turns 8.

There was a technology challenge at school this week. The task set was to build a bridge that would span a 60cm gap. They researched different ideas and we could help out too. Jacob was a good boy and listened to our ideas and made a very solid beam bridge. Abi however did exactly the opposite and went for the most junk modeling she could and then made it as bright as possible! They are being testing by an engineer this coming week and prizes will be awarded. We have also decorated eggs this weekend as there's an egg competition at school. I'll put photos of that on next week. Prizes are being awarded for that at the end of term assembly on Thursday.

We're due to go to Ascension on Friday, this is flight dependent as me and the children are indulging, hope we get on as a relax on the beach would be great. It has been unusually sunny and calm here for a week. We went to the beach yesterday and are about to walk to the cafe. Starting to sort out things to sell before we go. Still don't know where for certain, looks like UK for 3 months and then Belgium but there may be another posting coming up so we'll see. Having a problem getting a quarter for 3 months in the UK so no address yet and they won't sort out our stuff here until we get an address so it's going around in a circle at the moment. Hopefully we'll know more by my next post.

I finish at pre school on Thursday, someone did apply for my job so pre school can continue. I've enjoyed it but am ready to finish!
Hope all is well with everyone


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Helen said...

Hi Rach
Lovely to see Abi as a Beaver! They are much nicer than cubs! Where are you going to for 3 mths in UK, and is it Shape after? Tim's trying to guess. Will be great to see you all again. Let me know if I can help sort anything this end. Lots of love x