Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gaps, Kings and The York


Been busy as usual so I thought I'd put a variety of photos on from the past couple of weeks. Jacob, Abi and myself went to Bertha's beach to try and swim with the dolphins. We all went in but the dolphins stayed just out of reach. We could see them but they wouldn't come close to us. It was also quite wavy and I could only hold onto one of the children at a time. Jacob gave up pretty quickly and then Abi had had enough too! I couldn't blame them as it was freezing in the water. When we started to walk back to the car there was a King Penguin in the way. You are meant to keep at least 5 metres away from them but this penguin was having none of it and wanted to come up to us. I've included a shot of J&A plus the penguin all posing for the photo!

This week Jacob, Abi and Allen went on HMS York. I couldn't go as I was working. It's the same type of ship that I went down to South Georgia on so I wanted the children to go and see what it was like. They had the morning off school and had a fun time. They each got to steer the ship. As you'll see in the photo the Captain doesn't actually steer the ship, there's a person next to him who takes direction from whoever is in charge on the bridge. A Typhoon also flew past so I've included one of the plane above the ship and one of Jacob with the Typhoon as a dot in the background - see if you can see it!!

Abi was a bit of a moaning so and so by the end of the trip, they'd shown off some guns which were noisy, she hadn't liked that part. So Allen, when they got home, pulled off her fleece quite roughly and it caught on her tooth and pulled it out. It was already wobbly! That put her in such a state that she wouldn't/couldn't go back to school in the afternoon! So I've added a gappy photo of Abi too.

I am on a photo course this week so next week's post should show if I've been listening. It seems quite complicated to me, a bit mathematical. I need to read the notes before tonight's session. We get to go to Bertha's Beach on Saturday to practice so that's good.

Should find out where we're off to on 18th March,

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ceri said...

Nice pics. I'm amazed that Abi can eat with all those gaps. Is your photo course for a digital camera, one where you can set fstops manually? Can't wait to find out where you'll be posted next.