Saturday, February 20, 2010

All the Ports.


Just back from a few days on the West Island. We live on East Falklands and across The Sound is West Falklands. You can get the ferry which departs from New Haven, our side, and arrives at Port Howard on the West. We were booked to go on Sunday but, due to the weather, got across on Tuesday. So Allen and I had a relaxing day together on Monday as he was off work, as was I, and the children were in school. We then decided to go and stay closer to the ferry port at Darwin. It was a good start to our holiday, Jacob and Abi got to feed a lamb - see photo, and we had a lovely big en suite jacuzzi bath. The ferry left on time on the Tuesday and we arrived at Port Howard with loads of dolphins accompanying us. I've included a photo of a pair of dolphins.

We drove to Port Edgar for a 2 night stay. We were meant to get to Port Stephens too but, due to the delay, didn't make it there. At Port Edgar there was a lovely walk to a sandy beach with penguins and dolphins. It was about a 3 mile round trip and the children were great. We stayed on the beach for a while while everyone played, ate and relaxed. I've included a photo of another dolphin, a different type to the Port Howard ones, a photo of the family and then one of J & A playing in the sand. Abi returned with flea bites from the penguins - delightful! She also had a handful of splinters, literally, from a broken seesaw she found.

After our 2 nights at Port Edgar we drove back to Port Howard for a night in the lodge before the ferry trip back. The lodge was as good as ever, great food and relaxing. So it's now cut back time on the food! Jayne and Roly take over from us in May, we'll find out where we're going at the end of next month. We now have to start cooking strange dishes to use up all the food on the freezer!

Off to a garden fete thing in the Governor's House tomorrow with Abi, hoping to go in with the dolphins again with Allen too this time at Burtha's Beach at some point over the weekend. Real mix of weather here, snow, sleet, wind, rain, sun and hail.

Hope all is well

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Helen said...

Hi Rach! Great blog - its really lovely to see the kids having such fun. Thanks for your letter and Sam's pressie - sorry I've not been in touch, but Tim's Dad died a couple of weeks ago and its been chaos here sorting out house and funeral etc. Tim's done really well but its been hard work. Otherwise we're all good, especially since kids went back to school today :) Any news on Al's posting yet? Would be great to see you......!!! Will email soon. Lots of love H x