Sunday, February 14, 2010

School Council


Abi is now a member of the school council. She had to do a little speech about how she would improve the school and then the class voted. Jacob spoke too and came second, not bad as, when we discussed it at home, he said he wasn't going to bother. I've put in a photo of her getting the badge at assembly.
There's also a photo of the new Typhoon, the fast jet down here. They changed the runway for the afternoon so they kept flying pretty low over the houses. It's very graceful to watch and goes vertical quite quickly after take off.

We're on half term this coming week. Jacob and Abi only got 2 days but we've taken them out for the week as we are off to West Falkland to explore the parts we've not seen yet. I've handed in my notice at pre school as we now have a date for going, well a vague one! Should be leaving mid May for Allen to have the op on his knee. So only 3 months left, have just about done all I wanted to here so that'll be about right. No location in the UK for us yet, not even sure it will be the UK. Hope the wind dies down or I reckon the ferry will be cancelled until tomorrow, oh well!
Rachael xx

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carriesweatland said...

Hi there! It's been a bit since I've been on, but it is great to catch up through your posts. So, you're back to the UK or elsewhere in a few months? Well, you certainly got a lot out of your stay in the Falkland Islands - many sights seen and friends made. Our timing is much the same, as we are likely moving again this Spring. We've decided that we are done with moving, and we are looking to make this move a bit more permanent. Brian is moving to the US Forest Service and we'll be locating to Missoula, Montana. That's back in the Rocky Mountain range, but a bit north. A new place for you to visit, if you make your way back to the states. I'll be curious to hear about your move location. I hope Allen's knee surgery isn't too serious! Our best, Carrie