Thursday, March 11, 2010

MPA Dash


On Saturday the whole family took part in the MPA Dash, it's all done for charity - stress and penguins this year! It was a mile and a half run as a team of ten. I organised the children's team. They had 16 in theirs so we ran some of the children in pairs. Jacob ran his with his friend Joe and Abi ran with her friend Isabelle. Luckily neither of the children wanted me to run with them! Allen ran with the boys and Rob and PK ran with the girls. There are photos of both kids running. I had my kit on, just in case an extra was needed to run with the children. However the ladies team ended up one short and I had to run for them. I say run I actually ran walked. It was extremely hard, especially when you haven't been to the gym for a few months. I just about managed although the bacon roll before hand didn't help! So there's also a photo of the ladies team and one too of the children's.

Straight after the Dash I went off to practise my photography course skills down at Bertha's Beach with the other class members. The next post will have a few of those shots on it.


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