Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photography course


I went on a 6 hour classroom based photo course for my digital camera followed up with a 5 hour practical session at Bertha's beach. I thought I'd put on a few photos I was proud of. I took one of Abi on her bike. I was trying to get a movement shot, which I think I did! I then took a close up of a thistle type flower. The other photos are of a Gentoo penguin coming out of the water, you can even see the drops of water on it's chest and also 2 Gentoos running through the water. The other photographers were concentrating on taking pictures of the dolphins that were jumping and surfing the waves so I snapped one of them completely oblivious to the penguins that were virtually tapping them on the feet as if top say 'what about us!' The course was good as I now feel I can keep the camera off auto and actually change the f stops and light to take different types of pictures. Allen's doing the course next week so it'll be interesting if we get the same out of it, we'll see!



carriesweatland said...

Hello There -
We've been busy here, and I've been lax about posting. I had a dream last night that you moved somewhere near the desert, and it reminded me to check your blog. I also thought of you when the earthquake hit Chile, but I double checked to make sure you were on the other side of the S. American continent. Sounds like all is going well there - I enjoyed your pictures very much. Did you read about the all-black king penguin, a genetic mutation? Anyway, we leave tomorrow for a house-hunting trip to Montana. Hopefully it all works out for us. After that Brian has another week left in town, and them I'm finishing out the school year here with the kids. I'll have to start all over again with finding a job in Missoula, but I'll likely begin subbing, at a minimum. What are you final plans, if you know them? We have always talked about heading to Europe, at some point anyway. Say hello to everyone for us. Our best, Carri

ceri said...

Great pictures, Rachael. I love the one of Abi biking. Is the photo course through the military? Must be, right? Who else is out there?

Helen said...

Hi Rach
Wow you've been busy again! Just oved the pic of Abby's (lack of) teeth! And your photogs are really good - think I need same course as I'm always on auto and thinking 'I'm sure this camera does clever stuff...!' I'm fiddling on the computer to avoid painting the loo - exciting stuff. All good here except managed to chop a chunk out of my thumb last week, which ment a dash to A&E and lots of stitches, which I've had out today. Can have a bath at last! Had another roasting from Will's teacher at parents meetings on Monday, but other 2 doing fine, thank goodness. And Tim is still remarkably together and dealing with the aftermath of his Dad really well. He seems to have brought most of his Dad's house back here and dumped it in the garage! Anyway, better go as Alice has just surfed down stairs so I guess lunch break is over - too bad about the painting!!! Lots of love Helen x

Helen said...
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