Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sports Relief

Yesterday Jacob and Abi took part in the mile for Sports Relief. At Mount Pleasant there is a corridor that is very long. From school to the reception area and back is a mile. So the whole school walked the corridor doing activities on the way I have included a photo of the group doing a dance, one of Jacob jogging on the spot and one of Abi doing star jumps. Not sure how much money they raised but it was fun for everyone.
We have found out we are not going to Shrivenham but now don't know where we will be posted to. Allen can have his knee operation in May but that will depend on his next job so we're still waiting!
Only 2 weeks left at pre school and then I will have to start packing. We haven't done anything yet so it's going to be a busy time, no change there then really! Went to a leaving meal for the Chief of Staff last night and am off to a ladies night on Monday. Have booked to go to Ascension over Easter for some beach time. Abi lost another tooth, she was play biting Jacob, as a dog, and he kneed her int he mouth. I took her to the dentist but he said it would come out naturally. It did 2 minutes later!

Better get outside as it's blue skies and lovely sunshine - just have to ignore the howling gale!


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