Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Leaving the UK and arriving in Jordan

Well we said goodbye to the UK in style with Mum and Dad hosting a farewell BBQ for us. It was great catching up before flying to Jordan - sorry didn't take any photos!

We flew from London at 5.30pm and arrived in Amman at 12.30am on Monday morning. All was fine, I watched 2 films so it took my mind off the bumpy ride - at no point did the pilot turn on the fasten seatbelt sign - not sure the Jordanian's would have taken any notice anyway!

A huge dust storm had hit Amman earlier in the evening so we arrived to a haze with everything covered in orange dust, the moon looked very strange. Arriving to 30 degree heat dressed in jeans and boots made me look like a local, thinking my jeans will be put away for a few weeks!

We got to our apartment at 2am, it's only 30 mins from the airport so not bad, driving is to be experienced - that is all I am going to say! Abi managed to ring the bell of one of our neighbors at 2am thinking it was a light switch! We all rushed up the stairs, I did shout down sorry when they opened the door and we went and apologised the next day.

Our apartment is nice, dated and small. No dishwasher, will be buying rubber gloves ASAP. The best thing is we can walk to 3 shopping malls, one of which is brilliant, an inside games places, ice skating and go karting! I had a falafel lunch today, food and drink and it was 1.30 Dinars - just over a pound.

Our roof terrace is amazing, you'll just have to visit to see it, but for now here's a photo:

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