Monday, July 9, 2012


Well we're just back from a fun and relaxing weekend in a German town called Cochem. It's in the Mosel valley and Mosel wine region. We were lucky enough to have it all booked and sorted for us by a friend called Nadine. She is German, married to an American and has Kaden aged 3 and Haley aged 7. They drove too which was great for us too. We ate and drank very well and were lucky with the weather. I've included photos from outside the hotel, looking towards the castle. We went around the castle which was interesting and did a quick wine tasting session. Abi and Haley paddled in the river with Abi collecting a heart shaped stone. I've included a photo of the boys at dinner. A brilliant weekend away.


carriesweatland said...

Hi Rachael & Crew,
Tell Abi that we adore her short coiffuire. It is quite flattering and how emphathetic of her to donate her hair! Little Annie's hair is so very thin, I don't think a wig shop would use it, even if it ever grows long. Your leg and surgery bruise look painful - I hope it wasn't too bad of a healing process. We've been on vacation to visit Brian's family and some camping. I finally got to see Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Not too much else new here. Good to see your pics! Love, Carrie

Ruth C said...

Hi, Love Abi's new hair cut. really suits her and modern. It looks like you had a fabulous sunny time! Cant wait to see you all again, play some more games and watch come more childrens films - great.