Tuesday, October 1, 2013

UK visit Summer 2013

Our 3rd holiday of the summer was to the UK. We got the over night ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle. We got the better cabin this time and it was a 100% improvement on the one we had the previous year. We had a separate double bed and we had breakfast included. We are allowed 3 trips home a year so I'm not sure why we didn't book this cabin last time! We stopped over in Newcastle as our friends, the Knights, have now moved up there from Cambridge - on our blog this time last year. We met Jacqueline, Richard, Henry, Charlotte and Emma when we were in the Falklands and have kept in touch. Richard is now working at Newcastle Airport. So we had a fun day with them, finishing off with a BBQ at their house. The boys DJ'd and had a lot of fun. The girls got on well together too. It was lovely catching up.
The next day we had a trip to the Metro Centre - a huge shopping place on the edge of Newcastle. We got all of the school uniform sorted and the kids were allowed off on their own and they then met us for lunch. I asked Jacob what he wanted to do for his birthday this year and he said shopping with Henry in the Metro Centre!
We said goodbye and then headed up to Scotland to stay with Grandma Melrose for two weeks.

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