Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leeds Castle

Jacob missed his trip to Leeds Castle in Kent with his class due to being sick. He was very upset about this so we decided to go for a night and visit the castle the next day. Mum, Katharine, Matthew and Amy wanted to join us so we all met at a Premier Inn in Maidstone. The hotel was fine but the town itself was a little rough. We had a good meal out at a buffet place that served a whole variety of food so good for the varied palettes in our party!
So we had the day at Leeds Castle on the Sunday. It was a beautiful day, sunny but a little chilly. Allen went off to do work on his masters, plus a bit of shopping! Jacob was studying castles and also had to do a project on them so we took lots of photos. There was a maze to go through, the actual castle to visit, a play ground and huge gardens to explore.
It was a good place to visit so I'm glad we made the effort to take him and it was great to see the family too.

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