Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Colour Run

Last weekend Allen, Abi and I joined in with the Brussels Color Run. Jacob was going to be there too but he was invited to a birthday party and he decided he would rather go to the laser tag party in Mons.

Jacob had a great time at the party and also playing at a friend's first. Allen, Abi and I went on the train to Brussels along with a few people we knew from SHAPE. We were all dressed in Tutu's, kindly made by an American friend of mine. Having checked in we got a T-shirt, number and head band. We then had 2 hours to wait until the race! There was lots to see so we found a spot to sit, Allen and I had a little drink before the run and Abi played and ran around - I'm amazed she could then run for most of the 5km!

We were one of the first waves to run. At each kilometre they threw a different coloured powder paint, 1km = pink, 2km = blue, 3km = orange, 4km = green. At the end they gave you a piece of fruit, a drink and a packet of powder paint to throw during the colour burst.

We had a blast, all managing to run most of it. It was good as we knew lots of people so could stop and say hello along the way. The colour blast was amazing but scary too - I couldn't see Abi while it was on. We were covered in powder but pleased we had taken part.

We got the train back - with some strange looks - think tu-tu's and paint covered people! We then squirted our t-shirts in vinegar and put them in the wash. It worked so we now have proper colour run t-shirts. We finished our day with a roast dinner at one of the neighbours, so a very good day was had by all!

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