Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Night out in Mons

Abi and Jacob had a sleep over at one of our neighbours on Friday so freeing Allen and I up to go out. We've wanted to eat out in the Mons Grand Place, just the two of us, since we moved to Belgium. So nearly a year to the day we managed it! We got the bus in, so we could enjoy a few beers. When we got to the Grand Place it was packed as Belgium were playing Crotia in a World Cup qualifier. They had put up a few big screens and all of the restaurants and bars had put make shift beer taps outside of their premises. As we got there Belgium scored so there were loud bangs and fireworks going off! We managed to find the place we wanted to eat - Steak on A Rock (not it's proper name but that's what all the NATO people call it). It was empty so I had to ask if they were serving food, they were so we sat in a booth and ordered. We got the food before our beers! They bring you raw meat and then you cook it yourself on a hot rock. You also get a portion of chips and a salad all for 16 euros, not bad for Belgium! A little bit later the place filled up - it was half time! It then emptied and refilled at the end of the match. We enjoyed three different types of Belgium beer and will definitely go back. Might take the kids, but at a lunch time, as they do more child friendly food then! Caught the bus back so a great night out.

Got Jacob and Abi back at 10am on the Saturday and went off to the pool on base as had arranged to meet friends there. We had 10 kids in the pool and then 8 back to mine for lunch. They then stayed  afterwards to play and we dropped the final one off at 4pm.

We then had a swim meet on Sunday in Brussels - bus at 7.50am from the base

, so a very busy weekend. Jacob and Abi did really well. Jacob knocked 8 secs off his 100 free style and 5 secs off his 100IM. Abi was in two relays and they won both and she knocked time off her back stroke - this amazes me as she looks so relaxed when she swims it! Two swim meets this coming weekend.

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carriesweatland said...

I read every bit of your blogs! Sounds like you are keeping as busy as ever. I loved seeing you all in your colorful tutus. Paris, Brussels, Girl Scouts and the like sound exciting. Will you celebrate Halloween? I am enjoying teaching, but find it all to be a rather large undertaking. Say hello to everyone for us. I will keep checking! Love, Carrie