Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Mertes Leaving party

At the end of July we went over to the Netherlands to say farewell to our friends Nadine, Phill, Haley and Kayden. They are back off to the States after three years in the Netherlands. We have done lots with them - time away to Cochem, a brewery trip to Chimay and a visit to Playmobil land to name but a few. We will miss them lots but know we'll see them either in Europe again or when we visit America. They are off to Norfolk Virginia so Allen will see them quite a bit as he travels that way every three months. I'm glad we have Skype so can keep in touch. The party was brilliant, the kids loved the water guns and the glowing decorations later on. We enjoyed the company and food too. We stayed over so partied late, fun was had by all.

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