Saturday, October 5, 2013

Girl Scout Camp August 2013

Abi and I took part in our first American Girl Scout camp. We went to a site just outside Brussels. It's a site especially for any Scouting groups. I went up early and pitched 11 tents with Paul, a husband of another leader. Abi was then delivered to camp by another parent. The Friday was a great day weather wise, that lasted until 10am Saturday, from when on it rained until about 7am on the Sunday!

We had a brilliant time. Abi was in a tent of 4 from her Junior group. I was in a tent with 3 other ladies. I had a blow up bed and was fine. They got to do loads of activities and we all ate very well. I learnt lots of new American ways to do things and I taught them a few British things too.

We got home on the Sunday lunch time very tired and ready for a shower but both of us had an excellent time and would do it all over again.

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