Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Marion's visit in late May 2013

Grandma Melrose came out for a short visit in May. The weather was lovely so we did a few day trips out. I took her to Ghent. It's only just over an hour from here and is an easy rival to both Brugges and Amsterdam. It's set on canals and isn't too big to walk around. We had a superb lunch in a small square and did a bit of shopping too. There's a large castle in the middle but we just had a wonder around. It was a beautiful place to visit though and we will go back.
We also took Marion to Pairi Diaza, it's a local park about 20 mins from us. We have a season pass. It has great gardens from around the world and also lots of animals too. Our favourites are the elephants and penguins. It was a gorgeous day weather wise so we were very lucky.

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