Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mum and Dad's summer visit 2013

Mum and Dad arrived on the same day that we returned from Scotland. I picked them up from Soignies train station as they had got the eurostar over.
They got here in time for my birthday. Abi and I had made cup cakes which she then decorated. We went into Soignies to the tea shop that I like for chocolates and tea. We then had a nice lunch at home. In the afternoon we went to the huge canal lift. Dad was very impressed with the machinery involved. We then went out to the Turkish restaurant down the road. So I had a fun relaxed birthday and got some great gifts too - you should be able to see the necklace that Abi bought me.
While Mum and Dad were here we went out and about locally. We went to Waterloo as they had not done the tour there. We also spent the day at a local lake where you can swim. Jacob and Abi obviously went in for a few hours but I stayed safely on the side as all I could smell was ducks! We played cricket and boules too. It was lovely and sunny and it was a fun day out.
We also went into Brussels for the day and went and saw the Royal Palace. Not as good as Buckingham Palace but it is free so is worth a look, we were quite impressed! The week flew past and it was good to spend time with Mum and Dad.

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