Sunday, June 16, 2013

March 2013

During March Ruth, a university friend visited. We went to Waterloo, both the town and the battle field, Mons, Brussels twice and Brugge. We spent the night in Brugge as there was a lot to do there. It was great exploring with Ruth, her sense of direction is so much better than mine so I just handed over the map! We visited the Brugge Zot brewery, very tasty. While Ruth was here we also popped back to Sittard, NL as Abi had a birthday party. Abi travelled in style - a limo - that you can see Ruth and Jacob sitting in. Abi was dressed as a princess for the party, tiara and all! The photo is of her and Haley.

We also had a weekend away in Chimay with Nadine, Phill, Haley and Kaden plus Phill's brother and sister in law. We had a great meal and tasting platter of beer and Chimay cheese, the hotel was right above the restaurant so we could drink the beer while the children watched movies upstairs. There was also a playground and the weather was good so everyone had fun! The next day we walked to the Abbey where they brew the Chimay beer. We will really miss the Mertes family when they move back to America later this year, at least we have somewhere else to visit I suppose!.

 Jacob and Abi had Red Nose Day at school, here's a photo of them dressed up!


Ceri Richards said...

Hi Rachael. Looks like you are all doing well. Kids are getting big. Owen starts 5th grade next year but still has one more day of 4th grade tomorrow. We have a few camps planned to keep him busy, while Taylor works at home. I'm still working full-time in HR-Benefits. Love making money. Don't love the stress. Please let us know when you'll be our way. Allen starting career #2 soon?

Ruth C said...

Great memories, thanks for having me. I think I should travel by limo every day!