Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jacob's Birthday - a bit late!

Jacob celebrated his 7th Birthday while I was in South Georgia. He had a party at the bowling alley on base for all of his class and then, on his actual birthday, he had a friend (Harry) and his brother (Ben) round for tea. I felt bad for missing it but I think Jacob had a wonderful time on both days. After bowling they went to the cafe for chicken nuggets and chips - his favourite!
I did phone him from the ship each day so I knew what was going on. Mum had to make 3 lots of cakes, the party one was a coffin, his actual day a number 7 cake and then cup cakes to take into school too - no silly rule out here that you can't take cakes into school thankfully.
Allen was in charge of photos so of course there aren't many! I've included on of him and Abi on the 10th Nov, one of Jacob in his new top sent by his friend Jacob in Arizona and one of him with his number 7 cake. Luckily lovely friends here helped out with the party so it was well in control even though I was away, so thank you Jacqueline and Dianne.
Hoping I don't ever miss another of their birthdays.
PS will add the photos later as it's playing up!

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carriesweatland said...

Very many birthday wishes. Seven seems so big! We're under the wire here to find a new place to live (in Page), and we are hoping it doesn't mean we'll have to move over Christmas. It may happen, though. A house down the street did open up. I found out why my friend wasn't talking to me - I kept bugging her until she told me. Her daughter was over and ate an orange. (She doens't drink juice, which I knew and forgot.) Anyway, the girl got real sick about 12 hours later, and the mom got real mad at me. From there, she just kind of went on a rant. So, I apologized and we've had the girls play. But it is still a bit strained. What else? Not much. Busy, as always. I'm very much looking forward to Christmas Break. That's it for now.
Our best, Carrie