Sunday, December 20, 2009

First day at Torres Del Paine, Chile.


On Sunday we drove to Portes Natales. It's about 2 and a bit hours from Punta and is a tourist town for the park. It was election day so the supermarket didn't open until 3pm. We found a cafe for lunch and waited until the shops opened. Being election day also meant we couldn't buy alcohol which was a pain. Then we set off for the National Park - Torres Del Paine. It was an hour and a half on gravel roads, just like the Stanley Road (Dad you'd have loved it!) The first photo is of us on the way into the area with Lake Toro in the background, the colours are amazing. So we arrived very dusty. We had booked self catering, the only self catering around. It was just outside the boundary to the park itself. It was an older place and was a bit run down but was just what we needed. We had a 2 bedroomed cabin and then went in to the main hotel for breakfast. On arrival we were the only people there but, as the week went on, more people arrived. I've also put in a photo of the view from our cabin with strange clouds and one of Allen and the kids outside the cabin. Next will be our first proper day in the park....

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