Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glacier Grey


On Tuesday we decided to do the Glacier Grey boat trip. We had a lazy morning at our cabin - Hosteria Tyndall, where Jacob and Abi played with the 2 Labradors and 4 stray kittens. They built the kittens a little house. I was amazed that the kittens let them pick them up and cart them around without too much scratching. We had a drink in the hotel before we set sail. We were the only Brits on the trip, the rest were German. We went past a few icebergs on the way to the glacier. Allen was in charge of the camera so there are no photos of them. A shame really as they were really dark blue due to their age. We stopped en route to pick up some campers from a camp site on the lake's edge - German too. Abi had a great time playing with the microphone and singing Christmas songs. Jacob did drawing most of the time plus a few songs too! Allen and I enjoyed the views. When we got to the glacier we had lots of photo opportunities, it was strange as it's actually quite dirty and ridged close up. It is also lots of different shades of blue. I've put in a photo of Allen and Abi in front of a part of the glacier and one of me and Allen enjoying a pisco sour - Chilean drink with Glacial ice in it. I had had a pisco sour in the Falklands as one of our neighbours had been posted there but this one was lovely as it was made with fresh lemons. Allen and I actually had about 3 pisco sours so the rest of the journey was very enjoyable! There's also a photo of J&A on the boat in their life jackets.
Next post our last days in Chile...

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