Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chile 2009

I am doing 5 posts to cover the last week as I have so many photos I want to include! We flew to Punta Arenas last Saturday. It was the quickest flight that we had done in a while being a fast hour and 15 mins, the kids couldn't get over the fact that we got a drink and a snack, read 2 stories and we had landed. They didn't even get time to go to the loo on board. Anyway we arrived at Punta, Chile around 5pm. The plane we got off was going up to Santiago so as we waited for our bags we were a bit worried when one didn't arrive. A lot of arm movements and waving of tickets and someone went to find our lost bag - I wasn't that bothered as it was all of Allen and Jacob's clothes in the missing bag! Anyway 30 mins later it did appear. The person meeting us at the airport spoke excellent English - not a common thing in Chile as we found out. He helped with the retrieval of the lost bag and then drove us to his Bed and Breakfast. We were greeted with beer - always a good sign in my books. It was a lovely place, all wooden set in a forest with play bits for the children. We were the only people that night so they gave us 2 ensuite rooms next to each other. They cooked a tasty BBQ for us that night and brought their children around - Deigo and Vincente, we didn't see the kids until bed time and it was great! I've put in a photo of Abi outside the B&B, all built by the owner. There's also one of them in the tyre climbing thing and one of us enjoying breakfast. So we had a brilliant relaxing start to our holiday. Torres Del Paine next.......

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