Friday, December 11, 2009

My 2 Angels!


Christmas is upon us in the Falklands, strange as it's not dark until 9.30pm and the weather has improved 100% as it's stopped snowing! Jacob and Abi did their Christmas Nativity/7 lessons and carols show at school. It was held in the church and they had lit it nicely and used black out blinds. Jacob was the thousands of angels and Abi was angel Gabriel. I think they had chosen Abi due to her blonde hair and she probably is an angel at school but I reckon she would have been better placed as a little devil at present! So Abi did have a bit to say and she did it brilliantly. The singing was excellent too and we are all still humming along to some of the tunes. It was well rehearsed but I think J&A are pleased it's over and they could get back to normal things at school. I've put a group shot in and one of just my angels too.

They also had an end of term assembly where J&A got their level 2 waterskills badges. They are great swimmers and will beat me easily pretty soon, must get their water skills from their Dad I think, I am a good floater though! So the other photo is from the assembly. Abi also got her smiley card 5 and Jacob his number 6 so all is going well at school. Both J&A's best friends left over the last few weeks. Abi is missing Emma loads and Jacob's a bit lost without Harry. I know they'll sort themselves out especially as we've got a month off now.

Pre school was hectic this last week. We didn't have time to get everything done as planned and our Nativity was a bit different with our crocodile and fairy instead of sheep and kings - oh well I loved it and so did they. Everyone stayed for lunch afterwards and played outside as we've got lovely sunshine at present.

We go to Chile for a week tomorrow so the next post will be about that. I'm so looking forward to a week away with the family. It's been very busy socially here recently so a break will do us all good.

Have fun decorating for Christmas


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carriesweatland said...

Hey there. Finally got a new blog up. We're going to have a busy holiday, as we are moving a few doors down to a new rental. The place is a bit smaller, but it does have 2 full baths and a dishwasher. I'm excited for that. Our address is still the same PO Box. I hope you are having a great set of travels. I'll check for more pictures later on.... Our best, Carrie