Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009


We had a very Merry time over Christmas. Jacob and Abi were up at 5am, I couldn't believe it! Santa had delivered a stocking to their bedrooms, a mistake on his part I think. They'd opened this and were outside our room by 5.30am. I was annoyed I'd missed the present opening but luckily Santa had delivered another stocking under the tree in the lounge so at least I saw them opening that one. So they were in front of a Spongbob DVD by 7am and we were back to bed!

We gradually opened presents during the morning. I've put in a photo of Jacob playing with his favourite present - his Playmobil house and accessories, a brilliant ebay purchase. The other is of Abi in her pink roller boots. She wore them all day.

Our babysitter came around at 11.30 for bucks fizz and Jacob and Abi decorated Christmas biscuits. At 12.30 we went a couple of houses up the road for our big Christmas celebration. Lunch with 33 was fun, loud and definitely not boring! Joss had set a table for 13 kids in the conservatory and another one for 20 adults in the lounge/dining room. One family had done starter for everyone, very tasty and then we progressed with other families bringing dishes for main course and then pudding. We took gammon, mince pies and brownies. There was loads of food and lots of wine flowing. We staggered home at 7pm to watch Dr Who - I slept through it and had to watch the repeat! I've put in a photo of me and Allen at the dining table and one more of the kids in front of the tree at our house.

Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas!


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