Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pebble with Grandma and Grandad.

We had a busy 3 days at Pebble Island. We were meant to be there for 2 nights but it was extended to 3 due to rubbish weather so the helicopter couldn't fly to come and get us. Pebble is about a 30 min flight from base. The helicopter flies pretty low so you get great views on the way. Allen had to cancel coming due to an important visitor coming to base. We were delayed on the way out due to a leak in the gear box, this, of course, filled me with confidence as I love to fly at the best of times! So after a 2 hour delay we got to Pebble. It's about 19 miles in length, you stay at a lodge that is fully catered. We walked to a beautiful beach where Jacob and Abi played in the sand dunes while Mum and Dad walked to the water. The next day we did a 4 by 4 tour of the island. Two cars went, we were with a bloke called Ken who had been on Pebble during the 1982 conflict. He was very interesting and great with the kids. He lost his hearing in one ear due to a bomb dropping in the harbour on the Island. There is a memorial to the HMS Conventry which sank in May 1982 15 miles off Pebble. Only 20 people died on that day which is amazing as it only took 35 mins oft the ship to sink. We also got to see lots of penguins. We actually saw all 5 types that live on the Falklands so that was great for Mum and Dad. So we saw Magellanic, gentoos, kings, rockhoppers and one macaroni. I have included photos from the rockhopper colony - a huge area. You could get really close to the wildlife, as you can hopefully tell from photos. The next day we were meant to be flying back but by 2pm they had decided to not fly. Ken kindly took us out again and we went and saw another rockhopper colony that also had cormorants inbetween then. So we were lucky to get another day. The couple who run Pebble were lovely and Abi spent a lot of the time in the kitchen playing with their dog and keeping Jacqui company.

Mum and Dad have had rubbish weather but, over the last few days, it's cleared up. So they went up on a VC10, my idea of hell, but they loved it! They got to see Typhoons refuel mid air and sit behind the pilot. Dad also got to go fishing but he didn't catch anything!

I have loved having them here, I have been completely spoilt so it's going to be hard as they leave tomorrow along with Allen who's in the UK for a week to have his MRI scan on his knee. I'll let you know what happens. I'm off out on Saturday night for an informal curry night and then the rest of the week will be busy as usual. I am hosting a farewell to the Station Commander's wife next Friday and then there's a dinner in the mess to say farewell on the Saturday.

Only 2 weeks left of school so we start Christmas next week, I love it all so I don't mind being early!



Allen said...

I did not get to read this when you wrote it! Hopefully I will get to go on the next Island trip...
Was the curry night good? Tell the kids I miss them and Grandma Melrose is really excited about coming out soon.
Miss you lots obviously.

ceri said...

Hi, Rachael. One of these days I'll update my blog.
Glad your parents had a nice visit. Did Jacob get his amazon certificate through e-mail?

The days are getting pretty short and dreary here. I don't remember winter being this much of a bummer before. Maybe it's because running is so much more pleasant when it's sunny!