Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Sledging

We have had more snow over the past week and we, at last, got to go sledging. Jacob and Abi are so busy after school during the week it's hard to get out and play in the snow, especially as it's dark by 4pm. So Saturday morning we made up for it and sledged for a good hour and a half. I've put 3 photos in. One of Abi doing a backwards roll down the snowy bank, one of Jacob post sledge and one of Harry sledging with Jacob looking on.

The other photo is of Jacob and Abi in PJ's, it was the wrong trouser day at school and they could wear anything wrong! Jacob had been off the day before with a cold, he's still got a cough, hope he makes it into school tomorrow.

Allen and I went out to a fund raiser last night. It was fun if a bit loud - how old are we??? Had a Sunday lunch thing at the Mess which was very social but we're knackered due to our night out. Busy week this coming week with book club and a ladies leaving thing too. Having an American night for the 4th July, so it's be wings, chili and brownies.

Hope all's well



carriesweatland said...

Hello there! It seems so strange to look at pictures of sledding, when we are in the heat of summer. We're just in the summer mode, with lots of pool, swim lessons & playdates. It's very nice, but the days seem to be quite long. The extra hours of sunlight, including the 5 am sunrise contribute to that. Our July 4th fireworks are this weekend, so that should be fun. I think we're hosting a BBQ here. Anyway, I'm rambling about very little, as there isn't much to report. Say hello to everyone, Carrie

ceri said...

that pic of abi tumbling down the hill is fabulous! mum was just here so that we could go to the smithsonian folklife festival, where one of the countries this year was Wales.
v. impressed with the freezing swim. i noticed many tattooed men in that beach shot.