Monday, June 1, 2009

School Technology week.


Jacob and Abi had a week of technology at school. They both had a task, Jacob had to build a house for the three little pigs that was strong enough to hold 250g on the roof. It had to have a door big enough for the pigs to fit through and also had to be pleasing on the eye. They experimented with different materials at the start of the week and then built their houses. Abi's task was to build the highest tower possible. We'd talked to her at home about it but she went in her own direction - what a surprise! There was also a prize in her category for the best looking tower. I've included photos of both of their efforts. Neither won a prize but I thought they did a good job. I liked Abi's the best out of her year groups as it was the most individual effort. We called it the leaning tower of Abi! Jacob was extremely proud of his and at least his had made it home in one piece.

Today we went to a free family showing of the Night at the Museum 2. Everyone in the family enjoyed it. After we popped to pre-school to add the names of 3 new children starting this week and had a bit of a tidy up. Then it was off for a Community Sunday lunch - all very social.

Allen and I went to the Sergeant's mess Saturday night. It was a fun night, a decent band were playing and we sat with a good crowd of people. Too much was drunk and Allen appeared out of bed in time to go to the cinema at 10.30!

This week will be hectic at pre school with numbers up to 13 now. At least that means I can employ 3 people a session which makes it so much easier.

Half term next week, can't wait!

Hope all's well


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carriesweatland said...

Nice pictures and nice to see the kids ingenuity. Do they wear uniforms to school? I like the idea of that, but it doesn't really happen much here. We're back from our vacation and just settling into summer. I signed up the kids for Tae Kwon Do (karate) and swimming. Other than that, it should be fairly quiet. Enjoy your half-term! Our best, Carrie