Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Mid Winter Swim


Yesterday Jacob, Abi and Allen part took in the Mid Winter Swim along with 200 other mad people. It involves running into the South Atlantic Mid Winter, getting your head wet and running out. Abi was the youngest participant but not the whiniest on exit of the water - some children cried for ages. She didn't cry but did moan and who could blame her! The water was around a warm 6 oC, the sand was freezing. I wore my entire ski outfit and was the towel holder. I've included 2 photos from before they went in and one after. Jacob and Abi definitely enjoyed the before bit better, there were even dolphins playing around in the water too. After the 'swim' we went to where we were staying and Abi had a long shower. We went out for lunch with 3 other families and stayed the night in Stanley. I've included a photo from today of us at Hillside (a small military camp in Stanley) with the snow and a great back drop. We drove home today, Fathers' Day, it was very scary. Allen slid and just managed to keep the car on the road/track. We ended up just off the road between a ditch - there was one small piece of land between a big ditch and Allen managed to get the car on it. I was busy shouting to the kids to hold onto something tight as 2 cms either way and the car would have rolled. I'm glad I wasn't driving. We were not going fast it was just ice and snow on a crap road surface. It's made us decide that we will not drive that road again in the snow as it's just too dangerous.

Anyway we're back safe and sound. Have just enjoyed a family movie and are off out, as a family, for dinner at a friends house down the road. A blizzard has just stopped so we'll be fine walking. Not enough snow on the ground yet for sledging but who knows by tomorrow.
Hope all's well and Fathers Day has been enjoyed


Rachael said...

I'm not so glad I was driving but I am glad I managed to get on the ledge - Allen.....

carriesweatland said...

You guys are CRAZY! I think I'd be with you, Rachael, dressed in full winter gear holding towels. What a memory, though. I need to get some pictures up on our blog, so I'll try to get that going today. It looks like I'll be subbing again next year, which should be fine. Oh, a bit of surprise about the thwarted-move back to the UK. It seems like you are all enjoying the Falkland Islands, so it worked out for the best. Say hello to everyone for us! Carrie