Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Liberation Day Celebrations


Twenty seven years ago on Sunday the Falkland Islands was liberated by the British Forces from Argentina. They celebrate this each year with a variety of services / parades / dinners / balls / drinks parties. We went to an evening thing in the Mess. Allen was PMC, ie he introduced all the speakers and ran the evening. He enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a good night although a tad long for me. WE sat down at 7.30 and left the table, finally, at 11.55. The service people weren't allowed to go to the toilet until after the Loyal Toast at 10.45pm - I'd already been to the loo an hour earlier! They have some daft rules in the Forces but this is one of their worst. There were 2 speakers at the dinner. The first was a Falkland Islander who has written a book about being in Stanley during the 74 day occupation by the Argentines, the other speaker was an Officer who took part in the Battle at Tumbledown. Both speakers were excellent but spoke for too long! They'd been given a 10 min slot and each spoke for 40 mins. Anyway I got home at 12.30 and Allen rolled in at 2am. We were then up at 7am on Sunday to go to Stanley for the Liberation Day church service, parade and lunch. Jacob came too as he was with the Beavers. Abi stayed on base and had a great day at 2 different friends houses. I've included photos of us in front of the huge flag that was in the Mess and one of Jacob with his Beaver lot. The church service was quick, the parade was cold but interesting and the lunch fine. We got to talk to lots of people who had lived in Stanley the Falklands during the conflict, I chatted to one lady who had lead lots of troops through the mine fields as she knew the area well and had been watching which way the Argentines had gone.
Photos this week are from the old camera as the new camera was to big to fit in my hand bag!
Half term is over so it's back to school for everyone. Busy as ever!
Hope all's well

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