Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Port Howard Again!


Well this was my 3rd visit to Port Howard but Allen's 1st. Allen had a few days off and it's also half term here so we decided to go for 2 nights to the West Island. I'd gone in April with 3 other mums plus 8 children so this time, with just our family, it was very different. We got the helicopter over at 9 in the morning so had all day Saturday and all day Sunday to explore. The helicopter didn't pick us up until 2pm on Monday so we did more in the morning too. I've included photos of a variety of walks we did. All involved Jacob and Abi throwing as many stones as possible and picking up as many bones as they could see. Allen made them pick their favourite 2 bones to return with!
Luckily, the helicopter was an hour early so the bones got left behind in the rush! The photo of the bones shows Abi making the skull dance, she was determined that she'd have enough to make a whole skeleton when she got them back to base, Allen was not keen. They also had great fun trying to build a dam to stop a small stream - another of the photos. The photos were taken using our new camera - can you tell?? We have already decided we need to buy another lense so we can zoom in more. We were also very lucky with the weather, we're just about in the middle of our winter here and we wouldn't have known it this weekend.

Now back home after a relaxing time away and have got to go out tonight, hosting a group who are visiting from the UK. Allen off for a couple more days later in the week, not sure what we'll get up to yet.

Hope all's well



carriesweatland said...

A noticable difference in the pictures -- you must have a good new camera. Have you tried to do a video with it and upload it to the blog? That may just do the trick.

An answer to an earlier questions -- the White Sand Dunes are in New Mexica and the Great Sand Dunes are the ones in Colorado. I wasn't sure the difference, so I investigated. The White Sand Dunes came from a pre-historic gypsum lake bed, so the sand is superfine and completely white (like snow). It is surrounded by desert and is completely devoid of water, except an occaisional rain. Only desert plants and some lizards live there. The Great San Dunes in Colorado came from other ground rock, has a seasonal river that runs through it, and is surrounded by vegetation and wildlife. I've not been to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, though Brian has. It is on our list to see and do.

Sounds like you had a nice outing. Say hello to everyone for us. Carrie

ceri said...

i second carrie's comment about the photos. they look great! sending HUGE MASSIVE HUGS to all of you. owen's just started his last week of school. pray for me.