Friday, July 10, 2009

Tornadoes, arts week and the beach.


I have had a cold and have also been very busy down here but have finally got a day to myself! Did a trip to see the Tornadoes with pre school. We all enjoyed it and I had fun sitting in the cockpit - see photo. Did you know female pilots wear big nappies on long flights, the children giggled at this! It was sad though that the day after we'd visited a Tornado crashed in Fife with the 2 air crew being killed. It was very sad down here as they were known to a lot of people, Allen included.

Jacob and Abi had a big arts week at school. Jacob performed in a play. It was set in Victorian London and had slang in it. Jacob did well to learn his lines as it was lots of 'ere, 'and, feelin' etc. I've included a photo of him and his friend Harry dressed as street children - Jacob sold violets. Abi was a mouse for her performance. She loved it and showed off particularly well! They then both got swimming certificates, Duckling 5, the highest one they could get for their class. They are both good little swimmers. Jacob also got his 3rd smiley certificate, beating his sister so he was well pleased.

Last weekend we celebrated July 4th and invited around 20 people. I did American food and drink. We started at 6pm and kicked the last people out at 11.30pm. I let Allen have a long lie in on the Sunday, it'll be my turn next weekend! Sunday afternoon we headed down to Burtha's beach as it was sunny if chilly. I've included photos from the beach. We all had a great time.

This week as been busy. Allen's been on exercise so stayed at work for 48 hours, they pretend they are at war. Chicken pox has hit pre school and we had 7 off with it so it was a quiet week there. I've started helping out at the local cafe as a volunteer so I can now work a coffee machine - hot milk and foam. The cakes are lovely there too. I did 2 afternoons but am probably only going to do one normally. Haven't been to the gym this week due to my cold. Still can't breath and my nose is a glowing red colour.

Was hoping to take the children sledging after school but the snow is melting, had a few snow falls this week, so it'll have to be the cafe instead!

Hope all is well



ceri said...

very nice pic of you, rachael. hope your cold gets better. we're off to nana's tomorrow, but i have editing to finish first (boo).

hello to all

carriesweatland said...

Tornadoes? I'm guessing that means helicopters. Hope you are feeling better and the chicken pox stops its spread. They vaccinate kids in the US for chicken pox now. When I was a kid, we were "allowed" to get it. Our best to you, Carrie