Friday, July 31, 2009

X Factor


Had a busy last week of term and we are finally on our winter holidays! The pre school fund raiser was great fun last weekend. One of our neighbours won a bottle of Moet and kindly gave it to us when she found out it was our 12th Wedding Anniversary. Can't believe it was 12 years ago, I can still remember Allen doing his handstand in his kilt like it was yesterday! So we did enjoy our anniversary. Different to normal as we try to go away/ out for a romantic meal etc... Bit difficult down here especially when the snow comes in and everything is shut including all the roads. From that comment you can probably tell it has snowed a bit, well not just a bit a lot. At least 5 ft snow drifts. Our car couldn't cope with the cold so we got lifts from kind neighbours. It was too cold/too deep to walk anywhere even though we don't live that far from anything. No school closures though as everyone can get in the military did get a half day which I thought was a bit off. I've included a photo of the children near our house in the snow. They have had a great time in it all. The ice caused lots of heating to break, not ours thankfully and also the water tower to crack so we've had no water for 24 hours. I have just about used all the pans we filled up but I suppose there's lots of snow outside that I could use too! It should be fine later, we'll see. So no showers this morning.

Jacob and Abi took part in the X Factor at school. It was an end of term thing. Jacob played the recorder. I had no part in this. He was up on stage with 2 of his friends and did a great job. Abi did a ballet dance to Hi Ho with her best friend Emma. They loved it and looked very sweet. They also did a class song that was very funny - I won't survive. It was about staying in the same class with the same teacher due to being in a small school - Jacob and Abi stay with Miss Scott for the next school year. Abi's not bothered by this but Jacob's not so keen. We actually went in to discuss his report with his teacher as we felt it was extremely negative and made him out to be a difficult child. I know he's not an angel! She was very helpful and did apologise as she didn't mean it to be a negative report. She has suggested a behaviour chart idea that we are going to use in September when he returns to school. It was good to talk to her and stopped me worrying so much. School holidays now and it's lovely to just not rush in the morning. We have got to go to pre school and sort it as I won't have any time when we return from the UK. We fly out on Tuesday - flight dependent as the flight this week got turned around and didn't make it to the Falklands. We have gradually run out of fruit and veg. The plane landed last night so there should be food in the shops again!

Anyway hope to meet up with lots of you over the next few weeks,



carriesweatland said...

I hope you made it off to the UK without problems or delays. I feel for Jacob & Abi in the same class. I think my two would have the same reaction. Annie would be fine with it, and Jake would definetly not like it! School starts next week here, and it looks like I'll be teaching 3 classes. High School English. That's part-time, but I'm excited for the opportunity. Enjoy your visit back to the UK, Carrie

Claire said...

Megan lost her first tooth a few days ago...and photos look very similar to Abi's first gap (same tooth)! Anyway, hope you are enjoying being back in the uk as much as we did and sufffering less from jet lag....girls were great but I was struggling!!! All the best....C,P,O & M