Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Go-Karting and other bits!

Hi Everyone

Had great fun at the Go-Karting track last weekend. It was a wives trip out to the local race track on base. I've included a photo of me and Rebecca, she's the one in the green suit and I chose not to wear one. I however got covered in muddy water so next time I'll look as silly as she did! I couldn't stay for the whole time as Allen was home with the children and he wasn't well with his elbow infection. He's much better but it still hasn't cleared up after 10 days on antibiotics. He goes back to the Dr at the end of the week. So I didn't get a medal on the Karting as they counted your laps. I have to say I wasn't bad, I think I would have been second overall. Allen went karting the following weekend and he won a trophy. I've suggested a go of wives against husbands and it seems popular. I don't think I'll beat Allen but I think I'll beat most of the other husbands.

Also had 5 families around to say farewell to the Dr and his family. They are off to the sunny climbs of Texas. Abi wore her cowboy boots and cowboy hat for their farewell!

It also snowed quite a bit so we, of course, went sledging. The snow had drifted so it went up to my tummy in places.

Went to a dinner night in the Mess on Saturday, it was a British summer time theme. Good fun and much more relaxed than normal.

Jacob and Abi had a knights and princess day at school on Friday. They'd been doing a castle topic for 2 weeks and had a party at the end to celebrate. I've included photos of them dressed up. We have a busy rest of week. Took pre school on board HMS Gloucester today. I was most impressed. Unfortunately they have had swine flu on the ship and they only found out after our visit, oh well. I'm taking the pre schoolers to see the helicopters this week too. Off out in Stanley tomorrow night for dinner and then a pre school fund raising dinner on Saturday. I'll need a rest when we get back to the UK!

Hope all's well


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carriesweatland said...

Sounds like all is well -- when do you head back to the UK? You probably won't miss the snow drifts very much, huh? We got back from a trip to Montana which was nice. We're staying put for a while now and school starts up in a few weeks. Say hello to Jacob & Abi for us! Our best, Carrie