Sunday, August 16, 2009

UK Holiday


We have been back in the UK for a week and a half and are all really enjoying it. It's been lovely to see all the family but flowers, grass and trees have been great to see too! Allen and I went to a friend's wedding in London, she looked beautiful and we had a fun 2 days at the wedding minus Jacob and Abi. My parents had them for 2 nights. I've included a photo on our first day in the UK. The sun was shining and all the children wanted to do was play in the garden - lovely. There's one of Jacob up a tree.

After the wedding we caught the train up to Scotland for a week with Allen's family. We started with a family BBQ in the sun. Jacob and Abi have had a brilliant time with their cousins, and of course Grandma, Auntie Louise and Uncle Stuart. Grandma and cousin Sarah took the children to the zoo in Edinburgh while Allen played golf with his Uncle and I went shopping with his Aunt - very successful! We go to lots of posh things in the Falklands so I needed a few new smart things. Everyone had an enjoyable day out. Allen and I had 2 nights in a hotel outside Edinburgh where we met up with friends from DC. They were there to see a bit of Scotland and play golf. It was lovely to catch up and very relaxing as it was again without the children - thank you Grandma Melrose. On our last day in Scotland we went to the beach with the family. It was a perfect afternoon and I've included a few photos from the day.

So thank you to the relatives so far, it's been a fun trip. Allen flies back tonight but me and the children have 2 more weeks of seeing friends and relatives.

Hope all is well

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carriesweatland said...

Glad to hear you are having such a nice vacation. I bet the warm temperatures are a simple treat. We've just been busy here, but hopefully it will settle down after we get into a routine. It's just been one week back to school. Enjoy the rest of your time at home, Carrie