Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wales and Knutsford

We have had a busy time travelling over the last week. We set off from Mum and Dad's on Monday and I drove us to North Wales. My University friend, Ruth, had kindly lent us her cottage that is 20 mins from Betsy-Coed. It's very picturesque and is located within the Snowdonia National Park. We stayed until Friday. The weather was variable but it didn't stop us getting out and about. The first day we went on the Festiniog Railway - for Dad's benefit really. We did enjoy it, a tiny bit too long for Jacob and Abi who were bribed with toys and chocolate! We arrived in Portmadoch and did a coast walk and ended up in a lovely bay for a picnic lunch. I've included a photo of everyone near the train. The next day we went to Harlech Castle. This was a favourite for Jacob and Abi. It's well maintained but still needed a bit of imagination on their parts to think about what it would have been like to live their in the 1280's. I've included a photo of them outside the castle. On the Thursday we explored more locally and took the children swimming. Ruth arrived Friday evening and it was lovely to catch up, we really shouldn't leave it for 4 years until we see each other again! On Friday Ruth took me and the children to Llundundo and we had fun on the pier. Mum and Dad drove back to Holwell for a rest and I picked up a hire car and set off for Knutsford to stay with Anne, Pete, Emily and Vicky. First experience of driving the car was bad as I haven't driven a stick shift for a while and kept forgetting about the clutch. I think the hire car people were a bit worried! Anyway I got to Knutsford easily, well with a few toilet stops on the way.
We met Vicky for the first time, she's very cute with a high pitched cry. You definitely cannot ignore her when she wants something! I've included a photo of them all plus one in the paddling pool. Jacob would have slept there if he'd been allowed! We had a fun time at the local park and one further afield. We went out for dinner too with all the children - what an experience! It was great to see them all. So today we're off to Cranwell to meet up with Sarah and co who were in the Falklands with us and also to spend a night with Helen - who we met when we were in Scotland. Will try and update this one more time before we leave the UK. Jacob's really missing Allen, bless him. Abi's loving all the attention she's getting so Dad's been forgotten a bit! I'm missing him too and am looking forward to 3 days relaxing in Ascension.
Hope all is well
PS Sorry for the bad spelling of place names.


Allen said...

I am really missing everyone as well - see you next Monday.

Peter Hull said...

It was great to see you at the weekend - I'm absolutely worn out though!!

Ruth C said...

It was so lovely to see you all. I wished we'd had more time together. We'll meet again soon. John and I have just been authorised 10 weeks off work in early 2011 so you never know we may be able to track yu down where ever you are then!