Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grandma's visit over Easter


Grandma Melrose (Allen's Mum) arrived the evening we got back from Portugal. Jacob and Abi were very excited to see her and we did another birthday cake for Abi. Allen had to work for the first 2 days of Marion's visit so me and the children entertained her. On our first day we borrowed one of the neighbours bikes and cycled into our nearest town, Sittard. Abi wanted to spend some of her birthday money on clothes. She came back with 3 outfits, Jacob also got some long shorts which he loves. We had lunch in Sittard and cycled back. We met Allen at the ice cream parlour up the road and enjoyed a glass of wine and truffle ice cream.

The next day we went to Monde Verde. We'd taken Marion there when she visited in November. It was a lovely sunny day and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly. I've included photos from the day out. Allen then had a long weekend off from work so we went to the point where the 3 countries meet - see photo with flags, another nice meal out. It was a bit drizzly so we didn't go up the tower to take in the view of the 3 countries, there was also a nuclear demonstration going on on the tower!

Saturday we'd booked a nice lunch out at our favourite place - the Mill. It's an easy walk from our house although we cycled as we were late! In the morning we went to the garden centre for Marion to pick some plants for our garden. She then planted it all up and did some cutting back. It is looking so much better, just hope we don't ruin what she has done. I've included a photo of Allen and Marion at lunch.

Sunday it was Easter so we did an egg hunt in the garden, see photos. Everyone had fun hiding the eggs. We then cycled up to another favourite cafe outside of Puth. I think Marion was pleased when we returned the bike to our neighbour!

We had a great week with Grandma and look forward to her next visit.


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