Saturday, April 23, 2011

Abi's 7th Birthday


We celebrated Abi's 7th Birthday in Vilamoura, Portugal. I worked out that she's only celebrated one birthday, her first, in Scotland - none in England! The rest have been overseas. She woke up at 4.45am but luckily went back to sleep. She woke up again at 7.40 and was pleased with the decorations we'd put up - see photo. We then went for a buffet breakfast, our one and only at the hotel - probably a good thing as I would have put on a stone other wise. They even had champagne included so I had a few tropical juice and sparklings! We'd taken a few presents with us but, as Abi had mainly asked for money, not many presents were needed. She ended up getting over 100 Euros so was very happy with that. She has since bought a clip on Ipod, pink and 2 dresses. She still has money to spend but is saving it at the moment.

I'd organised a cake which we did at kids club, the message was in Portuguese. As a treat we all went for treatments at the local spa - not the Hilton one which was good but pricey. So Jacob and Allen had massages, I had a facial and Abi had a manicure. The couple that run it were excellent with the children and we all really enjoyed our treats.

We flew back the next day and Abi got to celebrate again with Grandma Melrose but I will put photos of that when I cover Grandma's visit! So as usual Abi had an extended birthday and she loved it all.


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carriesweatland said...

Happy, happy birthday Abi! 7 years older, and looking so mature and beautiful! Took a course for my teaching, work and all have kept me a bit behind on posts. Excuses, excuses, I know. Anyway, I loved catching up with your posts. Portugal sounds fantastic. The pictures of blue and gold banquet were much the same as ours. I especially like the picture of you and your kids on the couch -- with a drink in hand. (: Send our wishes to the 7 year old! Our best, Carrie