Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blue and Gold Dinner


Had Jacob's blue and gold cub scout dinner last night. It's an annual celebration, meant to mark Scouts birthday but we did it as an awards party, as it's usually in February. I was joint organiser with another mum - Michelle. She has twin boys - Landon and Logan. These 2 are Jacob's best friends here. I have to say Michelle did most of the preparation. I sorted flower decs for the table, helped her with a bit of the shopping and turned up early to help set up. She did everything else! I did take charge and run the evening so we worked well together. All families brought a dish of food to share, we had a variety of American things including cabbage bread and American pigs in blankets - mini hot dogs baked in mini rolls. My favourite was the sweet and sour meat balls, the sauce was made with grape jam! There was a cake competition, each family had decorated a cake. The best one was a camp fire one, we did one with an English flag and Scottish flag and the wolf cub flag. We played cub related bingo, did the prize ceremony and the evening was finished. We had planned loads of games but will do these at a normal meeting after the Easter break. I've included photos from the night. The first is Jacob getting his wolf badge, he's upside down as the badge is put on upside down and can only be put the correct way up when Jacob has done a good turn. The next is a silly photo of the group, this was better than the sensible one! Bingo using M&M's as counters was very popular.

Have also put in a picture from Mothers Day, we had a lovely lunch out as a local posh restaurant and got hand made cards from Jacob and Abi. Another photo is from a trip to a park in Belgium, it was a lovely warm day for April. Next post should be from our Portugal holiday.


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