Saturday, April 23, 2011

Portugal 2011


Back from our most ever relaxing holiday. This year we swopped our place in Colorado for a Hitlon resort just outside Faro, Portugal. We flew from Maastricht, only 15 mins from our house and into Faro. A longer flight than I thought for but still nothing on flying to Denver or the Falklands! It was with Ryan Air though so no in flight entertainment. I read Abi a few books, she's now into the Rainbow Fairy books so the people in front of us must have been a bit fed up with hearing about fairies by the end of the 3 hour flight!

We landed to brilliant sunshine which lasted a week of our stay, we were there for 9 nights, only raining on our final day. We had a relaxed week as the children could go to the kids club as much as they wanted. They did activities and played each morning. We then did swimming all afternoon and then out to dinner. The kids club had a zip wire, which was very popular with both of our two. I've included a photo of Jacob on the zip, Abi by the pool, me and Jacob on our balcony, Abi trying olives - which she liked, and one of us all out at dinner. We were surprised by the value of food and drinks - much cheaper than in Holland. The Hilton prices were the same as our local places back in the Netherlands. So in the mornings Allen and I alternated between the pool and spa, reading at both, then having an early lunch ready to pick up the children for the afternoon! I read 4 books in the week. We also managed to meet up with friends from the Falklands who were holidaying nearby, I've included a photo of Jacob, Abi and Rebecca running down the dunes on the beach - the last time they did that was on Surf Bay in the Falklands! It was great to catch up with the Lunn's and we had a fab BBQ too.

Allen and I definitely want to go back, he played golf once and I think he'd have liked to go more. However we asked Jacob where he wanted to go next year and he said skiing in Denver so we'll have to talk about it again!

We celebrated Abi's 7th birthday on our last day of the holidays but I'll do another post with photos of that.


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