Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Jacob has recently started at the Ju-jitsu club on base. He is loving it. They did an assessment last week and he got the first step of yellow patches. I watched him yesterday and he is already onto throwing people. I think he's good at it because he's bulky and has the weight behind him. He's also very solid on his feet. He won three rounds last night and I was a very proud mummy.

Off to Portugal next week, it has started to warm up here but I am still looking forward to the heat and the sea. About to cycle into Sittard, our closest town, to meet for coffee and then shop for supplies to help make Abi and Jacob an Easter bonnet, I bet you can guess who is very excited about doing it and who doesn't really want to but is going to because they know a chocolate treat is on offer if you take part! Will try and post a photo of both of them wearing them!


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